Friday, February 19, 2016

Social Media 101

Social Media 101

            We live in a world that is driven and nearly controlled by social media. Being strategic communicators and our main client being the public, it only makes sense that PR professionals learn to use social media effectively, right?

            However, social media isn’t as simple as just posting or tweeting couple of times and gaining likes. Effective social media means engaging with your target audience. Key word here: engaging.

            Social media is almost like a science. It’s continuous; you never know everything about social media because it is always evolving.
            Here are four common social media tips for effective engagement.

1.) Do not schedule automated posts.
·      Automated posts seem easy and super convenient right? Don’t let that fool you. Post what makes sense on a particular day. Tragedies are never expected. If something tragic happens that is breaking news, you don’t want your first post that is shared to be advertising. It appears to be rude and insensitive.

2.) Never delete negative comments that are left by customers
·      Any company is going to receive negative comments every once in awhile. It’s inevitable. The smart thing to do is to respond to those comments and apologize. Ignoring them makes you look guilty.

3.) Don’t ever put your social media on the backburner.
·      Sometime it’s easy to put social media on the bottom of your list of priorities, but please don’t. Social media is such a crucial factor in good business. The generation today is very dependent on social media. If they are looking into any new business, even it is as simple as someone new to cut their hair; Facebook is one of the first places they go to scope it out. If there isn’t a strong presence, then that presents a red flag.

Those are the three foundational tips that are a must! Social media is only going to continue to evolve, don’t let it take control of your business.


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