Friday, May 6, 2016

Sports PR

In the last couple of years at the Mayborn School, I met several people who are aspiring to be PR professionals in the sports industry. It’s no surprise; I mean in the DFW metroplex alone we have just about every popular professional sport. We have the Dallas Mavs, The Dallas Cowboys, Dallas FC, Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Starts. That’s everything from football to hockey within a 40-mile radius. Therefore wanting to pursue a degree in sports PR comes with the territory.

However, sports PR is one of the most challenging and difficult fields to break into. After doing some research and attending several agency tours, here are some of the best tips to get your foot in the door with sports PR.

1.) Create and awesome portfolio and keep it up to date.
            - In most cases, the first impression that you get from employers is based on your portfolio. The main thing PR professionals are looking for when it comes to sports PR are great writing skills. It’s important to put a ton of different types of writing samples in your portfolio.

2. Don’t be afraid to intern at a smaller company
            - Most people think that they need their first internship to be with  a big agency. But however, sometimes the work you do at a small agency can be just as beneficial if not more. In most cases you will be able to get more experience and it can really serve as a stepping stone for you before you get land that big time agency job.

3.) Network
            -“It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” Unfortunately, in this type of business that’s true. That is why it’s so important to network with people. Take advantage of every opportunity to go on agency visits, add potential employers on LinkedIn, make an effort to get to know them! You will really stand out this way.  After all, isn’t PR all about building and maintain relationships. Those are the 3 big tips to help you break into the sports industry as a PR professional. Take advantage of every opportunity, even the ones that don’t seem “as important,” all experience helps.



Friday, April 22, 2016

Entertainment PR Tips

            Entertainment PR is considerably one of the most difficult fields of PR to enter in to. Exciting? Yes, but you are dealing with a very fluctuating business and possibly dealing with some hard-core divas. But after doing a little research, here are some of the best tips for those who have entered or have considered entering the entertainment fields.

1)  Take Advantage of Every Opportunity.
            - This applies to those who have just gotten their foot in the door or are who still trying to get their foot in the door. When your boss has an event coming or needs extra help and she asks for it, always say yes. Unless, you of course, have already committed yourself to something that can’t be put off.

2.) Ask Questions.
            -If you don’t know the answer don’t be afraid to ask questions. Show that you are investing yourself in this opportunity and that you want to learn more.

3.) Develop personal relationships.
            -Yes, this is the golden rule of PR but especially in entertainment PR. It’s critical that you know your artist or film etc., that you are representing. Artists do not ever want to feel like they aren’t your main priority.

Entertainment PR is fast paced and a 24 hour job. If you can handle that then you it may just be the field for you!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Scandal: The Justin Bieber Saga

I know, I know, it’s Justin Bieber. When people hear his name there is a 50% chance that they will scream or cringe. He quickly went from being one of the most beloved celebrities to the most hated. After he announced his “retirement” from music at age 18, his behavior quickly spiraled out control. Although, some argue that his actions were clearly misdemeanors (minus a few), that any rebellious high school kid would commit, it was arrogant attitude that came a long with it that quickly tarnished his image. He treated people like they were below him. This came as a shock to the “Belieber” community because of the good-guy, boy next door, brand that he and his team created.

Stage 1 of Bieber’s Image Restoration: Heartfelt family video.

In June of 2014, Bieber published a video to his YouTube channel, of he and his four-year-old little brother having a conversation. The conversation ends with Bieber hugging and giving his brother a kiss. There is no doubt that Bieber loves his siblings, it just happened to serve as a reminder of his tender hearted character that the world grew to love.

Stage 2 (the biggest move) The Widely Known Comedy Central Roast.

In March of 2015, Bieber appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast. He was ripped a part.
The disses ranged all over the place.

·      "I'm proud of you. You have it all. You literally are a guy who has it all — except for respect, love, friends, good parents, and a Grammy."
·      "Justin’s fans are called Beliebers because it’s politically incorrect to use the word retards."
·      "Justin you have no idea what you're in for. I'm sure it's great to have 60 million followers on Twitter, but the only place people will be following you in jail is into the shower."

The roast was what reminded people that Bieber was still alive and it also gave people the chance to let him know what they really thought about him. It served, as a humbling experience for him to realize how hated he was. It conveniently gave him the opportunity to publicly apologize for his behavior.

Stage 3: Release of New Music
When Bieber finally came back from “retirement” and recorded on a track with Skrillex and Diplo, people began to realize why he was famous in the first place. It’s better off to be considered a jerk but at least have good or a catchy music than to just be a jerk. After the success of “Where Are You Know?” Bieber and his team promoted and released his newest album, “Purpose.” The story behind his album title won the majority of his fan base back.

Props to Bieber’s PR team, they had a diva on their hands, but their strategy has plunged Bieber back into the limelight and it was all done ethically.  His reputation of being a punk kid have faded and he is now known as the guy who makes girls randomly shout, “My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone!” out of nowhere.