Friday, February 26, 2016

How to use Pinterest Effectively

                                                     How to Use Pinterest Effectively



In the last few years Pinterest has taken the Internet by storm. In its early days there was actually a wait list to create an account. There is something for everyone on Pinterest. However, with that being said, it gets a little overwhelming and it can be difficult to use Pinterest effectively for your business.

After doing some research here are the foundational tips for using Pinterest effectively for your business.


1.)    Know your audience.

-          Pinterest is predominately used by millennial females. (according to AcuPoll Precision Research, inc) It is crucial to keep that in mind before deciding to invest your time marketing with Pinterest.


2.)    Make sure your boards are well organized.

-          Pinterest can already be overwhelming with the abundance of content. It’s important to keep your content clean and organized and user friendly.


3.)    It’s okay to look to other pinners for motivation or inspiration.

-          If you get stuck in a slump check out the users who are pinning your content and see what they are doing with it.


4.)    Make sure you include links that link back to your website.

-          Pinterest is a great way to link back to your website. If you have strong visuals, pinners will just about always click the link to learn more about that photo.


5.)    Include keywords and hashtags.

-          You want your content to be searchable. It’s important to include popular key words and hashtags in your posts so that they will pop when users are searching for them.


Those are the five basic tips for using Pinterest effectively for your business


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