Monday, February 8, 2016

Are Strategic Communicators Fulfilling their Obligations? (Jour 4470)

Advertising and PR have to constantly tread a thin line between informing the public and offending the public. Ad and PR and professionals are at some time in their career there will be a client that will either want to promote a product that will offend someone and then the PR professional will have to help fix that potential crisis.
      There are several different touchy topics that you have to be extra cautious of like; sex, body image, race, and ethnicity. The brainstorming and planning process take extra thought to make sure you execute the product effectively without offending the audience.
      The first company that comes to mind that is borderline offensive is Carl’s Junior. Carl’s Junior lives by the “sex sells” motto. Sure their commercial full of half naked women get the point across, but is it really necessary? There are plenty of other strategies that would have sufficed.
      Strategic communicators should have their client as their number one priority and with that, their obligation in terms of goodwill should be high. If you want your client to have a positive reputation, you must execute their products without being offensive to the audience. Communicators should put themselves in the shoes of the audience, if it is not something you would want to see, then don’t do it.

      I would say besides a few organizations or corporations (i.e. Carls Junior, Urban Outfitters, etc.)  are fulfilling these obligations.

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