Friday, April 22, 2016

Entertainment PR Tips

            Entertainment PR is considerably one of the most difficult fields of PR to enter in to. Exciting? Yes, but you are dealing with a very fluctuating business and possibly dealing with some hard-core divas. But after doing a little research, here are some of the best tips for those who have entered or have considered entering the entertainment fields.

1)  Take Advantage of Every Opportunity.
            - This applies to those who have just gotten their foot in the door or are who still trying to get their foot in the door. When your boss has an event coming or needs extra help and she asks for it, always say yes. Unless, you of course, have already committed yourself to something that can’t be put off.

2.) Ask Questions.
            -If you don’t know the answer don’t be afraid to ask questions. Show that you are investing yourself in this opportunity and that you want to learn more.

3.) Develop personal relationships.
            -Yes, this is the golden rule of PR but especially in entertainment PR. It’s critical that you know your artist or film etc., that you are representing. Artists do not ever want to feel like they aren’t your main priority.

Entertainment PR is fast paced and a 24 hour job. If you can handle that then you it may just be the field for you!


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