Friday, March 25, 2016

Tips to Land That Internship

          Your undergraduate career is coming to an end, the all-nighters, the projects, still one thing looming in the back of your mind; finding a job. You want your years of hard work to mean something but it can still be a tough transition into the real world. Here are a few tips to help land you that PR internship after you graduate college.

1.)  Make sure your resume is top notch.
            -Your resume is the first impression employers get. If you resume doesn’t stand out, then chances are you won’t get asked to come in an interview. Be sure to keep the resume clean and precise.

2.) Be personable during an interview.
            - This is public relations. You want to show off how personable you are. During an interview it’s best to be yourself. Don’t give off robotic, perfectly rehearsed answers. The point of the interview is for the employer to get the chance to get to know you a little bit and to make sure you will be a good fit with their company.

3.) Have references ready.
            -Some applications don’t require you to list references but it is still smart to have references on hand in case they ask you for some during your interview. It is best to have references from current or previous employers but it’s also smart to ask some of your professors to be a professor.

Internships are a major stepping-stone into your career field. Follow these tips and you will be one step closer to landing that perfect internship that will boost your career experience!


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